Our Services

Extra classes:

We offer academic help in all subjects from grade 1-12. Our staff members have lots of experience. Sessions are 50 minutes long with no more than 3 learners per session. We aim to give each learner the attention and assistance they need.

Remedial therapy:

We have a qualified remedial therapist to help learners who struggle severely regarding reading, spelling as well as Mathematics. Concrete methods are used to put back the “missing blocks” and help the learner to succeed academically. We make use of multi-sensory techniques to help speed up the learning process.

Dyslexia therapy:

We have a qualified dyslexia therapist to help learners who have been diagnosed with dyslexia. We make use of a variety of techniques to help these learners learn in a tailor-made way to suit their needs.


This is not your typical homework centre set- up. Learners come for 50 minute-sessions and a maximum of 3 children are helped in a group. This means your child receives the assistance and attention they need to complete homework challenges. We also strive to teach them independency and teaching them skills to do homework independently in future.


We hire top class students and let them come assist your child with homework in the comfort of their own home. Students function under supervision of qualified teachers.